Pathfinder Instruments Inc.
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Featured Products

Pathfinder HPT-20
Resistivity transmitter with an input of 0.00 to 19.99 meg-ohm/cm
Pathfinder CT-1000 Conductivity Transmitter
Miniature encapsulated conductivity transmitter, Full Scale Range
Pathfinder CT-1000PT Conductivity Transmitter w/Temp Comp
Pathinder CT-1000-PT with temperature compensation (encapsulated miniature...
Pathfinder CT2MR-1 Multi Range Transmitter
Multi Pre-set Full Scale Range Conductivity Transmitter that convert a...
Pathfinder CT2MR-2 Custom Multi Range Transmitter
Multi Range Conductivity Transmitter that convert a conductivity sensor...
Pathfinder TSC-20 Conductivity Analyser - Controller
TSC-20 is a programmable Conductivity Controller
Pathfinder MK-200 Conductivity Controller
Pathfinder MK200 Microprocessor Programmable Conductivity Controller
Pathfinder HPT-12
Resistivity transmitter with an input range of 0 to 12 megohm/cm and an...
Pathfinder EMIT-pH
Pathfinder EMIT-ORP
a 2-wire, 4-20 mA pH transmitter featuring input to output isolation, high...
Pathfinder pH41HP-CA-IN
Pathfinder SK-252
pH or ORP Controller with one out putput / 4-20mA, Pulse or contact