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Featured Products

Blancet 1100 Turbine Meter
Inline turbine flow meters for corrosive and abrasive fluid measurement, flow...
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Blue White Sonic Pro S4
ULTRA-PURE Applications, DI Water, and low particulate ground water
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Dynasonics DTFXB-AP-DNNN-NN Flow Meter
Clamp-on ultrasonic flow and energy meters for liquids
GF Signet 3-8150-1 Field Mount
Field Mount Battery powered flow totalizer
GF Signet 3-8150-1P Panel Mount
Panel Mount Battery powered flow totalizer
GF Signet 8900 Multi-Parameter Controller
Measures flow, pH, ORP, conductivity, pressure, level, and temperature
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Sensorex SAM1
Blue White F1000 w/Molded Inline Body
Sensor Mount, Battery Operated Paddlewheel Flow Meter
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Jenco 3173
Conductivity/TDS/Temperature benchtop meter
Pathfinder CT-1000 Conductivity Transmitter
Miniature encapsulated conductivity transmitter
Pathfinder CT-1000PT Conductivity Transmitter w/Temp Comp
Pathinder CT-1000-PT with temperature compensation (encapsulated miniature...
Pathfinder pH41-HP-FMH