A Conductivity Analyzer You Can Program

The Pathfinder TSC-20 is a high quality and reliable conductivity analyzer and controller. One feature that sets it apart from the competition is that it can be programmed to operate above or below a set point. This feature can be useful if you are conducting specific research with highly conductive substances. Additionally, you can program the TSC-20 to alert you if your sample exceeds or drops below a certain conductivity point.

The applications of this capability are numerous. Perhaps you are testing a vulnerable body of water for runoff pollution. By programming an alarm when the conductivity reaches a certain level, you can immediately know if a big change occurs, which could help you take action early and prevent further contamination of your sample.

Other useful features of the Pathfinder TSC 20 include:

·         Accepts a variety of conductivity electrodes

·         On-off control relay

·         Optional RS 485 output communication can monitor up to 31 controllers

·         Optional RS 485 output communication comes with free Windows-based software

Want to learn more about the Pathfinder TSC-20 conductivity analyzer and how you can gain more control over your analyzation metrics? Contact Pathfinder Instruments today.