pH Controllers in the Food Processing Industry

If food and/or drinks is your business, then you absolutely need to care about the pH of the water in your facilities. Water pH can not only affect the taste of your products, but also the health of your customers!

Many food processors recognize that water with a specific pH can enhance their products, but how can you possibly control the pH in your facility?

Easy, with a pH controller. This specialized instrument is designed to measure the pH of a water supply and then adjust it to the pH you desire. All you have to do is program the controller with the pH that you want, and the machine will do the rest. (Make sure you also hook up a pH probe to take the water measurements.)

Many chefs swear that a certain water pH is necessary to perfect a recipe, and if your best products taste best with a specific pH, then don’t leave it up to chance. Invest in a pH controller. At Pathfinder Instruments, we offer a whole line of pH controllers at a variety of price points, including the Pathfinder Sk-632. Contact us today to learn more about our pH controllers for the food processing industry.