Are You Using Pure Water for Your Cosmetic Products?

You’ve created a line of cosmetic products, because you want to help your customers feel beautiful on the inside and the outside. A key part of your product messaging is the quality of the ingredients you use. Maybe you are dedicated to using only organic ingredients or pure botanicals or free-trade ingredients. Since you’ve put so much work into ensuring that you only use the best ingredients in your cosmetic products, you’re also using the purest water, right?


The water that comes out of your faucet is not entirely pure. It may contain trace amounts of minerals that will affect the way your product works and interacts with a customer’s skin. When you think about the ingredients that go into your products, don’t overlook water!

If you want to make sure you are using truly pure water in your cosmetic products, test it. At Pathfinder Instruments, our Pathfinder CT-1000PT is a cost-effective instrument designed to test for impurities in your water source. Test often so you can produce the very best cosmetic products for your happy customers.