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The following blogs will help to explain about products, uses of products and solutions for your business.

Pathfinders is an Authorized Value-Added Reseller of Sensorex Products

How to Make Sure Your Passengers Drinking Water is Safe

A Conductivity Analyzer You Can Program

pH Controllers in the Food Processing Industry

Our Conductivity Transmitters are RoHS Compliant

Do You Need to Measure Resistivity?

NEW Jenco EC3175 Benchtop Meter

Important Components of Paddle Wheel Flowmeters

Monitoring Water Using a Mineral Content Meter

Why Medical Device Manufacturers Need to Care About Water Purity

Are you Using Pure Water for your Cosmetics Products?

Where does the Salt go after it Snows?

Understanding Facts about Resistivity Transmitters 

What is a Conductivity Controller? 

How Do Minerals Get into Water?

How to Measure Hard Water

Do You Need to Measure Resistivity?

How California’s Wildfires May Affect Its Water Supply

A Conductivity Analyzer You Can Program

Reduce the Need for Boiler Shutdowns

How Will You Know If the Conductivity Changes in Your Water Source?

Never Guess Water pH in Your Aquarium Again with the Pathfinder Model EMIT-pH Transmitter

The CT-1000 Is Your Reliable and Transportable Conductivity Transmitter

Do You Need a Chart Paper Refill for Your Rustrak Recorder?

Pathfinder is an OEM and an Authorized, Value-Added Reseller of Sensorex Products

Pathfinder Instruments Provides Resistivity Probes, Transmitters & Controllers

Will the Massive New Iceberg Affect the Oceans?

Portable and semi-portable flowmeters that don’t destroy the integrity of the pipe

Why Is My Water “Enhanced” with Minerals?

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