Do You Need a Chart Paper Refill for Your Rustrak Recorder?

Do you own a Rustrak Recorder and use it to record trend data? Whether you use your recorder to track galvanometric, event, or servo data, you’ll eventually need to refill the pressure sensitive chart paper in your device.

Here at Pathfinder Instruments, we offer chart paper refills for the Rustrak Recorder. Our Rustrak Recorder 680 chart paper allows you to record pH data at a rate of one inch per hour. The roll is 63 feet long, which allows for roughly a 31-day supply.

A second option is our Rustrak B2279A chart paper, which is also a 31-day supply. This one offers 10 major divisions and 50 minor divisions.

Not sure which chart paper roll is the best option for you? 

Contact us today and let us help you decide. We also encourage you to consider stocking up so that you have plenty of chart paper available to take your readings over the long term!

Rustrack B2279A Chart Paper Pressure sensitive strip chart paper for Rustrak Recorder. 10 major divisions, 50 minor divisions. Time markings 1-12, one inch per hour chart speed, 31 day roll