How Will You Know If the Conductivity Changes in Your Water Source?

The conductivity of your water supply is an important measurement. Measuring the conductivity of a lake, river, or well can tell you if that water is healthy for drinking and for the plants and animals that depend on that water. If you work in a research capacity, water conductivity levels can make or break the accuracy of your research results.

That is why it is so important to regularly monitor changes in water conductivity. If you don’t have the time to constantly check the results of your controller, the Pathfinder TSC-20 Conductivity Analyzer-Controller offers you a different solution. This programmable controller includes an optional alarm that you can set to trigger when the conductivity of your water supply hits a high point, a low point, or deviates to a certain degree.

This capability allows you to largely set your controller and then forget it. The Pathfinder TSC-20 offers you a variety of additional benefits. You can choose the option to operate above or below a set point. With the optional RS 485, it can also monitor up to 31 controllers. This is a great capability if you have multiple experiments that all require conductivity monitoring.

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