The CT-1000 Is Your Reliable and Transportable Conductivity Transmitter

You need to measure the conductivity of a body of water or a solution. You have the conductivity probe, the recorder, and the power supply. The only thing you are missing is the conductivity transmitter.

The conductivity transmitter is a crucial instrument. Its job is to translate the signals from the conductivity probe into readings that the recorder interprets and captures. Any transmitter you choose must be extremely accurate and reliable as well as durable.

At Pathfinder Instruments, we are proud of our CT-1000 Conductivity Transmitter. This miniature transmitter is travel size and easy to hook up to your measurement system. The transmitter works by converting signals from the probe into a 4ma to 20ma current. It accepts a DC power supply from 12 to 36V. The transmitter is easy to calibrate using either the ZERO or SPAN adjustments. With this transmitter, you can either monitor the conductivity readings or use it as a process variable.

Our Pathfinder CT-1000 is simple, convenient to use, and reliable. We also offer a variety of other transmitters in this line, including our Pathfinder CT-1000PTwith temperature compensation. Contact us today to determine the best conductivity transmitter for you.