Pathfinder Instruments is a leading supplier of process and water quality instrumentation for the industries listed below. Products include flowmeters, multipurpose transmitters,  pH and Conductivity analysis and monitoring and more.

Ship Building and Maintenance 

Monitoring saltwater on ocean vessels and ship board Reverse Osmosis systems for potable drinking water.

Medical Device Manufacturing 

Pure water in medical equipment processes

Sterilization and cleaning processes

Food Processing 

Food Canning

Ice manufacturing

Bottle & Canned Drinks

Sterilization and Cleaning

Electric Power Industry

Batteries and hydrogen fuel cell assembly & operation

Ultra Pure (non-conductive) water for cleaning high voltage electrical equipment

Electric power line distribution insulator cleaning systems – super low conductivity 

Laboratory/Chemical Testing Market

Pharmaceutical delivery water – super-high purity

Cosmetics Manufacturing

Soap & Soap Products
Cosmetics Purity

Commercial/Professional Aquarium

Monitoring Tank Salinity

Industrial Manufacturing

Semiconductor processing water – high resistivity, super-high purity