KOBOLD DON-8 Oval Gear Flowmeter Uses

Reliable Oval Gear Positive Displacement Flow Technology

High Pressure Oval Gear

The heavy-duty industrial oval gear design design employs two precision-machined gears that are turned by the force of the flowing media and they allow a very specific known volume of liquid to pass through the meter with each rotation. These gears enable the DON to precisely measure liquid flow over a very wide viscosity range and provide a high accuracy volumetric flow rate measurement. Visit our article about Positive Displacement Flow Meters to learn all about the technology type and its advantages and limitations.

Ideal for Intermittent and Fluctuating Flow Rates

Because the measurement principle provides a true volumetric flow measurement, the DON is also ideal for flow rates that fluctuate widely and for flow that is intermittent. High accuracy measurement is assured even though these are process variables that would render other flow meter technology types non-compatible.

Higher Pressure Oval Gear Positive Displacement Flow Meters

To accommodate even higher process pressure than our standard DON Oval Gear Flow Meter, KOBOLD also makes the DON-H High Pressure Oval Gear Flow Meter. It offers the exact same rugged and reliable service for high viscosity liquid measurement. Contact us for more information.

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