Kobold Flowmeters for your next Project

Kobold Flowmeters for your next Project


KOBOLD’s technical solutions can be easily integrated into a wide variety of systems in many industrial
sectors. Thanks to internationally recognized BUS interfaces, most of our models can be easily adapted into
already established automated processes. Our innovative instrumentation delivers the highest standards of
service and can handle complex processes. Because our solutions are both sophisticated and easy to use,
they are very popular among end users.


While KOBOLD offers a wide variety of instrumentation that meets most standard application needs, we are also able to meet extraordinary application needs. Our familiarity with exotic materials allows us to offer solutions for variables that are frequently hard to accommodate. Because we are the manufacturer, we also have the flexibility of being able to provide customized solutions in certain circumstances, based on the exact application needs.

KOBOLD is able to accommodate most common liquid application media, such as: oils, lubricants, water, wastewater, chemicals, corrosives, abrasives, coolant, paints, coatings, adhesives, sealants, and fuels. Our instrumentation can also handle most types of gaseous media, such as: steam, clean gas, dirty gas, ammonia gas, combustible gas, compressed air, natural gas, and nitrogen flow. KOBOLD flow instrumentation can be found providing dependable and lasting service in common application fields, such as: irrigation, oil and gas, automotive, power generation, general manufacturing, machining, cement/aggregates, chemicals, petrochemicals, test measurement, laboratories, research and development, aerospace, HVAC, water, wastewater, building automation, pulp and paper, metals, mining, surface treatment, semiconductors, pumping, agriculture, marine, aviation, boilers, brewing, refrigeration, turbines, utilities, and welding

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