Never Guess Water pH in Your Aquarium Again with the Pathfinder Model EMIT-pH Transmitter

Monitoring the pH of the water in your aquarium is critical to protecting the health of your underwater life. Even a small rise or fall in pH can stress your delicate coral or shorten the longevity of your fish. One simple way to always know the pH of your aquarium’s water is with the Pathfinder Model EMIT-pH Transmitter.

This miniature instrument connects to a pH probe. When the probe measures the water pH, the transmitter decodes those signals and sends it to the recorder/controller instrument, which will give you the readouts you need to make any necessary changes.

The Model EMIT-pH Transmitter features input and output isolation and provides a high level of performance in a small size that won’t pull attention away from the underwater landscape that you’ve built. This instrument accepts a D.C. power supply of 12 to 36V and gives you two different calibration options so you can always get the most accurate readings.

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