Important Components of Paddle Wheel Flowmeters

You can use paddle wheel flowmeters to accurately measure and dispense predetermined volumes of water or other compounds. These flowmeters, also known as insertion flowmeters or inline flowmeters, provide relatively high accuracy for their low cost and some insertion versions are easy to install.

Pathfinder Instruments have paddle wheel flowmeters that work best with clean fluids—particles can prevent the paddle from spinning properly. They offer fast response time and are easy to maintain.

The flowmeters have three components:

  • Pipe fitting: available     in various operating flow ranges to meet the needs of different     applications
  • Paddlewheel sensor:     designed to be inserted into the pipe fitting. The sensor consists of the     paddlewheel with imbedded magnets and the electronic sensor. About half of     the paddle extends into the flow stream. Fluid flowing through the pipe     instigates the spinning of the paddlewheel. Magnets in the paddle spin     past the sensor. The electrical pulses produced are proportional to the     rate of flow.
  • Flow display/controller: picks up the signal from the     sensor, converts it into an actual flow rate or flow total value, and     displays the values. The processed signal can open and close valves, start     and stop pumps, indicate high or low flow rate alarms in the system, and     more.

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