pH and ORP

Pathfinder EMIT-pH
Product ID : EMIT-pH

4-20 mA pH transmitter

Pathfinder SK252-pH
Product ID : Pathfinder SK252-pH

pH Controller 1/16 DIN

Pathfinder EMIT-ORP
Product ID : EMIT-ORP

4-20 mA ORP transmitter

Pathfinder SK252-ORP
Product ID : Pathfinder SK252-ORP

ORP Controller 1/16 DIN

Pathfinder SK-631
Product ID : SK-631
The Model 631 pH is a microprocessor programmable controller that accepts any...
Pathfinder SK-631A
Product ID : SK-631A
The Model 631 pH with ALARM is a microprocessor programmable controller that...
Pathfinder SK-632
Product ID : SK-632
Microprocessore PID Programmable, Dual output
Pathfinder SK-632A
Product ID : SK-632A
Microprocessore PID Programmable, Dual output with ALARM option
Jenco 6309POT
Product ID : 6309POT
pH & ORP analyzer,1/4 DIN panel mount IP-65 case
GF Signet 8900 Multi-Parameter Controller
Product ID : 3-8900
Measures flow, pH, ORP, conductivity, pressure, level, and temperature
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Jenco 3010M Portable Meter
Product ID : 3010M
Jenco conductivity, salinity or TDS with temperature Meter with memory
Jenco 3679N pH/ORP Controller/Transmitter
Product ID : 3679N
The Jenco 3679N is a 1/4 DIN panel mount pH/ORP controller/transmitter in a...
Jenco 6010M
Product ID : 6010M
pH, ORP, Temperature Portable Meter W/Memories
Jenco 6010N
Product ID : 6010N
Jenco Handheld pH, Conductivity,Temperature meter
Sensorex S650CD-ORP
Product ID : S650CD-ORP
Submersible ORP Sensor, Flat, CPVC
Sensorex S6510/10/BNC Kit
Product ID : S6510/10/BNC
pH Sensor Submersion Kit: includes S651CD Sensor and Cap and Cable (10ft /BNC...
Sensorex S651CD
Product ID : S651CD
pH Sensor, Flat,CPVC,HT, Submersion
Sensorex S651CD-ORP
Product ID : S651CD-ORP
Submersible ORP Sensor, Flat, CPVC, HT
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