How a pH Controller Can Help Your Garden Bloom

As spring approaches, it’s time to start preparing your garden. Now is the time to stock up on fertilizers, choose your seeds, order your bulbs, prep your garden space, and purchase a pH controller. Wait, what is a pH controller and how is it going to help your garden?

Understanding the Significance of pH

A high pH means a water source is basic and low pH means that it is acidic. Water becomes acidic or basic depending on its concentration of hydrogen ions. Like water, soil can also be acidic or basic.

All plants have a preference for a certain acidity or basicity and won’t do well if their water source or soil is too basic or acidic. As a gardener, it is useful to understand the nature of the soil in your area and to choose plants that are ideal for that level. If you need to make your soil more acidic or more basic, a pH controller can help.

What is a pH Controller

Just like it sounds, a pH controller is an instrument that can measure and then adjust water to meet the pH you desire. If your soil is too acidic, you’ll want to adjust your pH controller to a high pH to help neutralize the acidic soil.

At Pathfinder Instruments, we offer an entire line of pH controllers, including our Pathfinder SK-631 pH Controller.