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Pathfinder EMIT-pH

Pathfinder EMIT-pH
Price: $364.00
Product ID : EMIT-pH
Manufacturer: Pathfinder Instruments
Weight: 1.00 lbs


Min/Max Order: 3 / 5


The Model EMIT-pH (encapsulated miniature isolated transmitter) is a 2-wire, 4-20 mA pH transmitter featuring input to output isolation, high performance and small size. The transmitter accepts as its input any pH probe via a BNC coaxial connector. It transforms the probe signal to a 4 to 20mA current proportional to the pH level. This output may be transmitted over two wires to a control location, the same 2 wires provide power to the transmitter. Any D.C. power supply from 12 to 36V may be used. There are two adjustments on the transmitter to calibrate probes for “SPAN” and “ZERO”. The output can be monitored with a loop powered meter, a load resistor or a multi-meter during operation.

Supported Probes:

Sensorex S651CD

Sensorex S6510/10/BNC Kit

Sensorex S660CD-3/4"NPT

Sensorex S660CD/10/BNC KIT

Sensorex S661CD-1"NPT

Sensorex S662CD-2"NPT

Sensorex S8100-pH

Sensorex S8100TC/10/BNC/TL- Kit w/ATC/

EMIT-pH Manual

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