Portable and semi-portable flowmeters that don’t destroy the integrity of the pipe

Ultrasonic Flowmeters that strap-on to the outside of a pipe and read  by sonic waves through the pipe rather than needing to be inserted in the flow path.

These are portable and semi-portable instruments that don’t destroy the integrity of the pipe. The following are some of the best types available on the market.

Blue-White Sonic Pro Series

  • User-selectable Doppler or Transit Time operating modes for measurement of both clean and dirty fluids
  • The meter can be factory configured for easy installation
  • Custom quality metric algorithms and DSP technology for reliable, high accuracy measurements
  • To allow for changes in the fluid’s particle count, SonicPro monitors the signal gain and employs an 
    Automatic Gain Control (AGC) algorithm that periodically adjusts the gain, maintaining the optimum power level
  • Smart external communication with simple, intuitive, Sonic-Pro software
  • Portable, rugged carrying case for easy transportation between applications
  • 2 year factory warranty

GF Signet 220/330 Portaflow Series

  • Manufactured by Georg Fischer / GF Signet
  • Large, easy to read graphic display with backlighting
  • 0.1 m/s to 20 m/s flow velocity range
  • Accuracy:
  • Easy to install thanks to flexible guide rails
  • Rechargeable battery for up to 20 hours mobile operation
  • Simple to follow dual function keypad
  • Simple ‘Quick Start’ set up procedure
  • Data logger for 198k data points (Type PF330 only)
  • Analog and pulse outputs
  • Pipe ID less than 2.95 inches ±0.5% to ±2% of flow reading
  • Pipe ID 0.51 inches to 2.95 inches ±3% of flow reading
  • All pipe ID’s ±6% of flow reading

Dynasonic Flowmeter

  • Transmitter Type:Flow meter model
  • Pipe Size/Measurement Range:½" ANSI pipe
  • Transducer Material:PVC; temperature range: -40 to 185°F
  • Power Supply:10-28 VDC
  • Keypad:None- requires software and cable
  • Advanced Communications:NoneEnergy
  • Temperature Range:None
  • Options:None / Plugged ports
  • Approvals:General safety