Sensorex CS676HTTC-K=1
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Price: $376.00
Product ID : CS676HTTC-K=1
Manufacturer: Sensorex
Weight: 2.00 lbs
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Boiler Conductivity Sensors 316 SS Construction

Sensorex boiler conductivity sensors use 3/4" male NPT threads. Both the body and the measuring pin are constructed of 316 stainless steel. They feature a special thermally resistant PEEK insert and high temperature "O" rings. Two models are available and each model may be ordered with or without ATC elements depending upon your application requirements. The CS675HT and CS675HTTC  feature a 1" insertion depth beyond the 3/4" MNPT threads. The models CS676HT and CS675HTTC provide 3" insertion depth past the 3/4" MNPT threads. All boiler probes are supplied with 6" PTFE coated leads for Junction Box connection and extension. Cell K value of 1.0 is standard. Longer cable lengths can be supplied at additional cost.

Model Description
CS675HT Boiler Probe - High Temperature
CS675HTTC Boiler Probe - High Temp + ATC
CS676HT- Boiler Probe - High Temp (Longer)
CS676HTTC Boiler Probe - HT with ATC (Longer)

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