Why Is My Water “Enhanced” with Minerals?

Pure bottled water is supposed to be…well, pure. That’s why Americans use about 50 billion plastic water bottles a year instead of relying on the tap. It can be a surprise then to see that many water companies are actually addingminerals back into their bottled water. 

These minerals include:

·       Magnesium sulfate

·       Potassium chloride

·       Salt

·       Calcium chloride

·       Magnesium chloride

·       Potassium bicarbonate

·       Sodium bicarbonate

What’s the deal here? Isn’t the point of purifying water to get these minerals out? According to an article on the topic in Time Magazine’s health section, these additives are harmless to humans (at least in the amounts the water bottle companies use). On top of that, these minerals are naturally occurring in spring water.

But even if they aren’t harmful, why go through the trouble of adding them back in? The answer is simple. Taste. Completely purified water tastes flat and bland to many consumers. They prefer the slight sweetness that comes with low-mineral water.

At Pathfinder Instruments, our products can test for water purity, whether it’s in a river, a lake, the ocean, or your bottle of drinking water!