What is a Conductivity Controller?

Conductivity controllers are used to monitor and control conductivity in process water or wastewater.  Pathfinderinstruments.com offers top-quality conductivity controllers for your business.

The Model MK200 is a microprocessor programmable Conductivity controller that accepts a conductivity electrode as an input. 

The Control Outputs are : 
(1) on-off or proportional control relay ( this control can be SSR drive or mechanical contacts); 
(2) a second optional control relay can be added for control above and below the set point or as an alarm 
( 3) a 4-20 mA recorder signal proportional to the conductivity which can be used for a recorder on local indicator. 

The AC power source is from 85 to 265 VAC, 50/ 60Hz voltage, there is no need to change connections for different voltages. The controller is programmable from the front panel via 8 panel buttons, and calibration is done using two adjustment pots. The front panel is NEMA 4X rated and mounting hardware is provided.