What Water Conductivity Can Tell Us About Water Pollution

What Water Conductivity Can Tell Us About Water Pollution


The Flint water crisis and Deep Water Horizon oil spill are both examples of how pollution in water can harm animals and people who rely on those ecosystem.

While those two stories generated heavy news coverage any smaller cases of water pollution don’t get the attention they deserve. One of the best ways to test water pollution levels is to test the conductivity of water.

Pure water has very low conductivity, but as pollution increases, so does the conductivity of the water.

Conductivity tests, using instruments like a submersible conductivity sensor, can show big increases in conductivity, which can indicate rising pollution levels. This can happen due to agricultural runoff, a sewage leak, or a chemical spill in the water. Discovering pollution leaks early can help authorities protect local populations, as well as trace the source of the pollution and seek to remedy the problem.

At Pathfinder Instruments, we are proud to sell submersible conductivity sensors that can help address water pollution more quickly.

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