Why Monitor Dissolved Oxygen?

Why Monitor Dissolved Oxygen?

Measuring dissolved oxygen in water and treatment to maintain proper DO levels, are crucial functions in a variety of water treatment applications. While dissolved oxygen is necessary to support life and treatment processes, it can also be detrimental, causing oxidation that damages equipment and compromises product. Dissolved oxygen affects:


Jenco 6309PDTF-pH/DO Temperature Analyzer

6309PDTF pH, Temperature In-line Analyzer

  • Quality: The DO concentration determines the quality of source water. Without enough DO, water turns foul and unhealthy affecting the quality of the environment, drinking water and other products.
  • Regulatory Compliance: To comply with regulations, wastewater often needs to have certain concentrations of DO before it can be discharged into a stream, lake, river or waterway. Healthy waters that can support life must contain dissolved oxygen.
  • Process Control: DO levels are critical to control biological treatment of wastewater, as well as the biofiltration phase of drinking water production. In some industrial applications (e.g. power production) any DO is detrimental for steam generation and must be removed and its concentrations must be tightly controlled.

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